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Grooving Machine

This equipment is full CNC grooving machine, it adopts advanced CNC system with novel design. It has the characteristics of high processing accuracy, simple operation, no noise and no vibration. This machine tool is used to process V-grooves, U-grooves and other irregular grooves on sheet metal parts, and is especially suitable for V-groove processing before sheet metal parts are bent, Including stainless steel plates, aluminum plates, aluminum-plastic plates, copper plates, iron plates, bakelite boards, acrylic plates and other special plates.

High Speed CNC Vertical Grooving Machine

  • The machine is composed by machine basis, crossbeam, blade shaft, CNC system, hydraulic plate press system, compressed air and coolant system.
  • The whole structure is framingvertical design. Whole steel plate integral welding and high-strength bolt connection. Strong resistance.
  • Using large tempering furnace to eliminate stress. Good stability.

High Speed CNC Horizontal Grooving Machine

  • YWEK series CNC metal grooving machine is compact in structure, reliable in performance, easy operation, no deformation forever. The structure consists of three sets of servo motor drive system, pneumatic clamping system and main steel frame.
  • Y-axis System. The Y-axis system of the machine is composed of ECMA-F20830 main motor, AC servo motor, planetary reducer timing belt and timing wheel, high-precision gear rack and linear guide rail, etc. The function of servo motor is to drive the cutter seat through planetary reducer to make rectilinear motion on the linear guide rail.

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