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High Speed CNC Horizontal Grooving Machine

YWEK series CNC metal grooving machine is compact in structure, reliable in performance, easy operation, no deformation forever. The structure consists of three sets of servo motor drive system, pneumatic clamping system and main steel frame.

Performances and Features

CNC Controller​

CNC Controller

  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Shorten training time
  • Avoid collision
  • In any axial direction can be installed with grating ruler
  • Responsive time for acceleration/deceleration: 0.5US
  • High-speed positioning of main shaft
  • With retraction functional
  • Intellective fault alarm and troubleshooting function
  • PLC interrupt function: fixed scan time 10ms
  • All axes open-loop control with feedback function
  • The servo motor torque can be read and displayed
  • The acceleration and deceleration control curve are superior to other numerical control.
  • With DC power input module
  • With SSR external input signal plate
  • Easy wiring, low wiring cost

Main Technical Parameters

Item Parameter
Maximum width of slotted sheet 1250mm
Maximum length of slotted sheet 4000mm
Maximum slotted plate thickness 4.0mm
Minimum thickness of slotted sheet 0.6mm
The maximum distance of the back feed forward and backward movement 1250mm
Post-feeding back-and-forth movement resolution 0.01mm
Back feed moving maximum speed 800-2000mm/min
The maximum distance of the tool holder moving up and down 50mm
Tool holder up and down movement resolution 0.01mm
The maximum distance that the carriage moves left and right 3500mm
carriage movement maximum speed 30m/min
Straightness error in the 4000mm length range ±0.05mm
Minimum distance between V-groove and edge 15MM
Positioning accuracy ±0.05mm
Tool holder maximum stroke 100mm
Work surface height 660mm
Machine dimensions 5100 x 2400 x 2300mm
Machine weight 9000KG
After-Sales Service

After-Sales Service Engineers & Sales Cooperate

  • Training how to install the machine, and how to use the machine.
  • Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

Pre-Sales Service Technical & Sales Teamwork

  • Inquiry and consulting support.
  • Suggest solution.
  • View our Factory.
Pre-Sales Service Technical & Sales Teamwork​

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