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How to install and adjust the press brake mold?

When installing the press brake mold, be sure to check the status of the equipment, install and debug according to the following steps. Pay attention to personal safety during commissioning.

1. Adjustment of the machine

When installing the sheet metal press brake mold, you must first understand the performance of the machine, turn on the sheet metal press brake, adjust and check patiently, and see if the machine has previously used dust and iron chips, preventing unnecessary trouble for later use.

2. Adjustment of slider stroke

First check whether the ratio between the thickness of the metal sheet press brake mold and the upper and lower modules is normal. The general slider needs to be controlled at the switch point of the stroke line. This must be noted, otherwise the mold will not be used normally, but some people still Such mistakes are often made.

3. Stroke module adjustment

After adjusting the slider stroke standard, the next step is to adjust the upper limit point of the module. The module is up to the highest point, and the module and switch must be set. In this way, the staying position of the module can be flowed out, and through some of the above operations, the production efficiency can be greatly increased. In this process, the module also needs to be slowed down. Because the module must be decelerated when it is down to the bottom dead center, which protects the machine and the mold.

4. Adjustment of the gap

Then there is the adjustment of the gap between the molds of the sheet metal press brake. First, measure the gap between the upper module and the lower module. The reasonable gap needs to be determined according to the sheet to be folded.

5. Angle adjustment

Adjusting the bending angle of the press brake tool is also the most important part. The selection of the angle is related to the product requirements. If the mold is fold at 90°, the middle angle must be set to be greater than the angle on both sides. Sometimes it may be tight which can be handled by adjusting the screws on the machine. After the adjustment, please do not modify it anymore if the product does not change the demand. Then when bending, calculate the accurate pressure number with the pressure gauge and adjust the pressure to prevent the mold from chipping.

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