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NC Hydraulic Press Brake VS CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

Today’s industrial manufacturing field is developing at a rapid pace. In order to improve production efficiency and quality, many companies have begun to adopt advanced machinery and equipment. In the metal processing industry, a hydraulic press machine is a widely used piece of equipment used to bend metal sheets into desired shapes.

NC Hydraulic Press Brake VS CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

In the development process of hydraulic press machines, NC hydraulic press machines and CNC hydraulic press machines have become two technologies that have attracted much attention. However, for many people, the difference between these two machines may not be clear. This article will introduce the differences between NC hydraulic press machines and CNC hydraulic press machines to help readers better understand the applications and advantages of these two advanced technologies.

NC Press Brake VS CNC Press Brake

The torsion bar press brake is usually named “NC press brake”, and the electro-hydraulic press brake is named “CNC press brake”. NC (Numerical Control) and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) are both control systems used in machining and manufacturing, but there are some key differences between them. These differences are mainly reflected in controllers, programming methods, accuracy, ease of operation and maintenance.


NC controller usually refers to the controller of CNC machine tools, which is responsible for accepting and executing NC code instructions to drive the movement and operation of machine tools. NC controllers are usually simple, have limited functions, and do not have graphic programming and graphic simulation capabilities.

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The CNC controller is a more advanced numerical control system that uses a computer as the control core and can accept and execute multiple types of instructions, including digital information and graphic information. The CNC controller can realize graphic programming and graphic simulation, making machine tool operation more intuitive and convenient.


NC programming typically uses hand-written NC code that needs to be input into a controller to drive the motion of the machine tool. This programming method is cumbersome, requires writing a lot of code, and is error-prone.

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CNC programming can be performed using graphics programming software, which provides an intuitive graphical interface that can easily convert design graphics into NC codes. This programming method greatly simplifies the programming process and improves programming efficiency and accuracy.


The accuracy of NC machine tools is usually limited by the mechanical system and control system itself, such as transmission system, bearing clearance, cutting force, etc. These factors may cause the accuracy of the machine tool to decrease, and the accuracy of the parts processed may not be high enough.

CNC machine tools can improve processing accuracy by using high-precision sensors, real-time monitoring and compensation technology. At the same time, CNC systems usually have higher stability and reliability, ensuring accuracy during long-term use.

Operational convenience:

The operation of the NC system is usually cumbersome, requiring manual input of a large number of instructions, and requires high operator skills. In addition, the debugging and maintenance of the NC system are also difficult and require professional technicians.

The operation of the CNC system is easier. The movement of the machine tool can be intuitively observed and controlled through the graphical interface, allowing the operator to easily perform processing operations. In addition, the CNC system also has functions such as fault diagnosis and fault prompts to facilitate users for debugging and maintenance.


Maintenance of NC systems usually requires professional technicians because the control system is more complex and the maintenance cost is higher. If the control system fails, it usually requires long-term maintenance and debugging, which will have a greater impact on production.

The maintenance of the CNC system is simpler and more convenient, because the computer numerical control system has high stability and reliability and a low failure rate. Even if a fault occurs, the cause of the fault can be quickly located through the self-diagnosis function, shortening repair time and reducing maintenance costs. In addition, the CNC system also has remote monitoring and maintenance functions, and can conduct remote fault diagnosis and troubleshooting through the network.

About Yawei Hydraulic Press Brake

YWT Series NC Hydraulic Press Brake

Yawei torsion bar bending machine uses a large floor-standing boring and milling machine to process the bending machine frame as a whole, and performs tempering treatment in a tempering furnace to eliminate stress and ensure the machine tool’s processing accuracy, body stability, and long service life; a variety of available system, high-quality hydraulic system, electrical components and other well-known brand accessories have good performance; simple structure and stable performance.

Economical Torsion Bar Synchronous Bending Machine

Economical Torsion Bar Synchronous Bending Machine

  • The whole machine has strong rigidity, stable and durable
  • The torsion shaft is synchronized, and the operation is stable and reliable
  • Economical CNC system, easy to operate
  • Multi-step programming to improve production efficiency

YWB Series CNC Synchronized Press Brake

Yawei electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine has electro-hydraulic proportional servo synchronization to ensure the accuracy of repeated operations; it is equipped with leading CNC systems, imported grating rulers, electrical components, hydraulic system groups and other well-known brand accessories with good performance.

Electro-Hydraulic Synchronous Bending Machine

Electro-Hydraulic Synchronous Bending Machine

  • The whole machine has strong rigidity, stable and durable.
  • Electro-hydraulic servo synchronous control, high bending accuracy
  • Accurate feedback, high synchronization accuracy, strong eccentric load capacity
  • CNC machines with more than seven axes, manipulators, etc. can be specially made.

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