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Press Brake

AHYW is one of the top-ranked CNC press brake manufacturers in China, which offers several options in sheet metal bending machines.
YWT series NC hydraulic press brake, YWB series CNC synchronized press brake, YWS series main motor servo CNC press brake,
YWEP series CNC hybrid press brake, YWTP series tandem press brake.

YWT Series NC Hydraulic Press Brake

Economical Torsion Bar Synchronous Bending Machine

  • The whole machine has strong rigidity, stable and durable
  • The torsion shaft is synchronized, and the operation is stable and reliable
  • Economical CNC system, easy to operate
  • Multi-step programming to improve production efficiency
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YWB Series CNC Synchronized Press Brake

High-Precision Electro-Hydraulic Synchronous Bending Machine

  • The whole machine has strong rigidity, stable and durable.
  • Electro-hydraulic servo synchronous control, high bending accuracy
  • Accurate feedback, high synchronization accuracy, strong eccentric load capacity
  • CNC machines with more than seven axes, manipulators, etc. can be specially made.
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YWS Series Main Motor Servo Press Brake

Energy Saving Servo CNC Bending Machine

  • Servo main motor drives oil pump
  • Simple control, low energy consumption and low noise
  • Stable transmission and high repeatability
  • The oil temperature is stable, which is conducive to continuous work for a long time
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YWEP Series CNC Hybrid Press Brake

Dual Servo Pump Controlled CNC Bending Machine

  • Fully enclosed servo hydraulic energy-saving system, energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency
  • Bi-directional pump control cylinder synchronization
  • Low oil consumption, no oil loss, low noise
  • Increase efficiency by 65% and increase production

YWTP Series Tandem Press Brake

Tandem CNC Bending Machine

  • Streamlined design, high speed, high precision, high rigidity
  • Electro-hydraulic servo system, fully closed loop control slider synchronization
  • Both dual-machine linkage and single-machine operation and processing are possible
  • Efficient and flexible
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Industry Applications Of Press Brake

The press brake, also known as a brake press or a cornice brake, has been operating for over a century as one of the most traditional ways of processing metal components.
The press brake is one of several critical pieces of metalworking equipment that helps deliver specialized parts to a variety of industries, including auto, aviation, agriculture, energy, military, transportation, and more.

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