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Requirements of CNC press brake installation environment

The CNC press brake requires to be installed in a dry and closed environment.

If the workpiece is often moved around the CNC press brake, the longitudinal space required for the CNC press brake is 2 times the length of the CNC press brake + 500 MM

Ambient temperature: +5°C to +40°C

If the ambient temperature is higher than this, the necessary cooling equipment must be taken.

Relative humidity: 5% – 85%, no condensation

Light intensity: not less than > 500 lux

Lubricant: No. 2 calcium-based grease for lubrication of screws and slides

Hydraulic oil: Shell anti-wear hydraulic oil No. 46 / No. 32 or hydraulic oil of the same specification

Foundation: The foundation must be able to support the machine firmly to reduce vibration. The foundation plan is intelligent for reference, and in special soil conditions in the featured areas, enhanced ground support measures need to be proposed and prepared in advance.

CNC press brake must be installed on a foundation with a concrete thickness of less than 150mm.

In the preparation of the foundation, descending the installation of CNC press brake footing and cable line pipe together well.

When the CNC press brake is correctly placed, only then can the installation hole be poured with concrete.

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