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YWEP Series CNC Hybrid Press Brake

Dual Servo Pump Controlled CNC Bending Machine

  • Fully enclosed servo hydraulic energy-saving system, energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency
  • Bi-directional pump control cylinder synchronization
  • Low oil consumption, no oil loss, low noise
  • Increase efficiency by 65% and increase production

YWEP-160T/4000 DA58T

Dual servo pump-controlled press brake YWEP-160T/4000 equips the dual-servo pump control hydraulic system…

Industry Applications Of Press Brake

The press brake, also known as a brake press or a cornice brake, has been operating for over a century as one of the most traditional ways of processing metal components.
The press brake is one of several critical pieces of metalworking equipment that helps deliver specialized parts to a variety of industries, including auto, aviation, agriculture, energy, military, transportation, and more.

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